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     In 1990, Brandon Boyce was born in the great state of Kansas to his father, the son of cattle & soybean farmers, and his mother, an immigrant from Sweden. Boyce was raised in a loving home where he learned about hard work and dedication through the family surrounding him. Throughout his public education, Brandon noticed countless flaws and holes in the education system that caused many of his friends to struggle in school. These issues led Boyce to start tutoring at a young age. He also became heavily involved in organizations such as Kiwanis (a volunteer organization primarily focused on helping children in need), as well as, numerous speech activities (including: debate and forensics). Brandon Boyce became heavily involved in the debate community which led him to the debate team for University of Kansas and he then later became an assistant coach for his former high school. In 2008, he began his self-funded education at The University of Kansas within the communications department. Brandon worked full-time in order to afford a high quality education for himself and firmly believes that no student should have to go through those same stresses in order to graduate. Both his degree and his past in debate give Brandon the necessary tools to help make innovative changes in Kansas, and took notice of this.

     Post-graduation, Boyce became one of the youngest State Representatives, representing his hometown of Emporia, Kansas. Boyce was then fortunate enough to achieve one of his greatest accomplishments to date, becoming a State Senator. In his time as a representative he was on several committees that were dedicated to finding a better education policy for the state of Kansas. As a Senator, he was head of the Agriculture committee and fought hard to increase subsidies and tax breaks for Kansas farmers, while being economically responsible. Past legislation, both authored and supported by Brandon, have proven that he is willing to push for bipartisan bills, in order to serve the best interests of his constituents and the state of Kansas as a whole. Another major focus of Boyce’s is to focus on the reconstruction of Kansas’s criminal justice system. He is committed to ensuring the safety of incarcerated individuals, in order to reduce overall recidivism rates.

     Boyce now spends his days dedicating time to improving several different facets of Kansas, one major focus being education. Having spent much of his spare time tutoring his fellow students, as well as, having gone through the public education system himself, Boyce has witnessed first-hand, the downfalls of the state’s education system. Brandon co-authored a bipartisan bill that would have been a first step towards fixing Kansas’s education policies. However, he saw it vetoed by the current governor due to party politics. This type of blatant disregard for the students of Kansas have led Brandon to take the next step towards fixing a broken political system in this state. Brandon Boyce is running for Governor because he has had enough with the Sunflower Party’s destruction of our state’s institutions, and it is evident that with him in office, Kansans will prosper. Let Boyce be the voice for Kansas.


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